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Sewage and Pipe Location

kamaaina plumbing pipe locationThe last thing a property owner wants is a leaking sewer line. Leaks can cause significant structural damage to your home and be a major headache. Kamaaina Plumbing are experts at plumbing and sewer line repair, and we pride ourselves on our ability to save property owners money and time by doing the job perfectly every time.

Plumbing or Sewer Line Break

In the past, Hawaii plumbers had to use a variety of methods to locate a break in a plumbing line--and it was never easy. Pipes are often buried beneath concrete slabs, hidden behind walls or buried deep in the ground, which made it difficult to locate sewer or pipe breaks. Fortunately, technology has made it much easier to locate that broken or leaking pipe.

Plumbing Line Repair

Kamaaina Plumbing utilize the latest in plumbing technology to save you time and money.  Blue tooth and GPS enabled line locator's make it easy to trace a lines path, and provide instantaneous feedback to the operating technician.

Learn more about Plumbing Camera Inspections.


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