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How to Correctly Caulk Your Hawaii Bathroom Fixtures

how to caulk hawaii bathroomWe use our sinks, toiletes, showers and tubs every day. As such, the caulking between the walls and fixtures will usually begin to pull loose or crack.

This is normal, but whenever you notice this begins to occur, moisture has already began leaking into the opening, and is damaging the surrounding wall and framing. However, you can fix it using basic silicone caulk purchased from your local home improvement store.

Here are easy measures you can take to re-caulk bathroom and kitchen fixtures:

  • Using a utility knife or putty knife, remove ALL of the old caulk
  • Using a strong household cleaner, clean the area carefully and thoroughly. However, if the area is mildewed, scrub it thoroughly using chlorine bleach.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly and damp dry with a clean rag wrapped over the putty knife.
  • Carefully reapply caulk to the area. Using your finger or a rag, gently smooth caulk seam to ensure an even application
  • Allow the new caulk time to dry for several hours before using. Make sure it doesn't get wet again while drying. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions before using the fixture.

If you notice extensive water damage, you might consider calling the plumbing and home improvement experts at Kamaaina Plumbing and Home Renovation.


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