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Simple Bathroom Cleaning Tips for Hawaii Households

hawaii home cleaning tipsThe bathroom is one of the most useful rooms in a home and one of the easiest to be infested with germs. Cleaning a bathroom only takes few minutes, but there are special situations that require more thoughtful approaches to cleaning.

Here are simple cleaning tips to ensure your Hawaii bathroom is completely clean and germ free:

Cleaning Surfaces
After showering, use a towel to wipe the walls of the shower/tub as well as the glass door. This will help reduce any mildew growth by removing the moisture from the tile or any other bath surfaces. This cleaning tip takes about one minute to complete.
Reserve some wash cloths that will be

Cleaning The Bathroom Floor
Spray some bathroom cleaning solution on the floor. Dampen a rag and wipe off any dirt. Although, this isn't a thorough cleaning, it helps to ensure that dirt and germs are not allowed to spread. This cleaning tip takes about four minutes to complete.
While the cleaning time may vary due to bathroom size, these cleaning tips take few minutes to complete.

Cleaning the Corners of The Shower or Tub
To wipe off mildew and dirt from the corners of the shower or tub, immerse cotton balls in bleach, allow them to sit for a while. After you finish cleaning the bathroom, take out the cotton and rinse well.

Cleaning the shower door
To clean a very dirty glass shower door, pour white vinegars directly on the shower doors and allow it to sit for a while, at least about five minutes. Using a light scouring sponge, carefully scrub the doors. Also, for light cleaning, dip the sponge in vinegar and gently scrub away the dirt.

Cleaning The Shower Curtain
To prevent mildew from a shower curtain, soak it in a solution of salt and water. Read the instructions on your shower curtain to confirm if it is machine washable. If it is not, carefully toss the curtain into the machine in a gentle cycle.

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