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How To Choose A Honolulu Plumber Contractor

how to choose Hawaii plumberChoosing The correct Honolulu plumber to work on your property's plumbing is important. To help with your decision, we put together this simple contractor check list.

      1. Make sure your Hawaii plumbing contractor has all the required contractor and state licenses. Additonally, make sure they carry a complete insurance policy with enough coverage to protect your property in case of an accident. 
      2. How long have they been in business?  Most quality plumbing companies will have been in business for several years. This is an important factor that will determine if the company will be around long enough to honor their warranties.
      3. Get more than one bid/quote. This is especially true if you are considering larger home improvement projects. Remember, the lowest bid isn't always the best bid. Quality and warrantied work is an investment that will last much longer than a shoddy job that may need to be re-done. Feel free to ask each company why their bids are higher or lower; this will help you determine a baseline price.
      4. Ask friends and family for a plumbing referral. This is the oldest, and still the best way to find a good plumber.
      5. Who else do they contract with? Ask your company if they are partnered with any home-improvement stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Although you may meet with a specialist in-store, large corporate companies often rely on local contractors to do the actual installations. Companies that are endorsed by major corporations will have a proven record of exceptional, quality workmanship.


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