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Easy Steps To Get Your Bathroom Remodel Perfect

Hawaii Bathroom remodelPeople may not like to always admit it, but we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. From showering, grooming or just escaping the chaos of the home—the bathroom is a multi-purpose space and should accommodate the needs of the entire family.

Generally, Hawaii homes are smaller than mainland houses and can have several generations of family members occupying the house. This means that every square foot counts and décor should be both decorative and functional.
"It might be a little strange to say, but your bathroom should reflect your lifestyle,' says Alan Lau, Kamaaina Plumbing's remodeling specialist. "Is the shower/bath hi-use and driving up your utility bill? Are you using the bathroom to dress Keiki? All these questions need to be considered before remodeling your bathroom," says Lau.
Before starting your bathroom remodel project, begin by thinking about laying out goals for the space and asking yourself exactly why you are remodeling the space. From there you can begin to choose tub, shower, sink, toilet, tile and fixture styles that accommodate the space and the homes style.
Lau suggests addressing 6 key considerations before beginning your bathroom project:

  1. 1.) Size of the space
  2. Bathroom purpose and 'family needs'
  3. Size of family
  4. Splurge items
  5. Budget
  6. Usage

"It's important to understand the space you are working with. While fitting a toilet and sink into a 10 square-foot space might 'work,' it might not be comfortable," Lau said.
'Splurge-items,' can seem cost prohibitive at first, but can save you money in the long run. Top-tier WaterSense toilets and Solar water heaters can save you hundreds of dollars annually, and are worth the investement.
With over a decade of experience, the bathroom remodel professionals at Kamaaina Plumbing, can guide the Hawaii homeowners through the bathroom remodel process from permits, planning, design and execution. Let Kamaaina Plumbing help you get comfort and functionality from your space.

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